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  February 28, 2006
The crucifix installed behind the altar.
The statue of
St. Anne and Mary after refurbishing.
  February 26, 2006
The Baptistery is close
to being finished.

This is the new boiler. This is heat we like.

Charlotte was one of the ladies who made sure everything got washed or polished.
Father Ray giving last minute instructions on moving day.

Jerry and Father checking on the
progress in the truck.

Jim got the big jobs. His supervisors
were pleased.
Everyone was watching this moment unfold.

We even have the hymnals in place.

Students from Frankfort/Elberta Schools made the move easier for us. Thank you.
As much as we love to see trailers, Father Ray, it's good to see it
being emptied.

  February 25, 2006
The pews are in place.

The stained glass window has new life.

A look back at the gathering space.
  February 19, 2006
This is our newly tiled entrance.

The tile work for the Baptistery is going in.

The glass walls are up and the woodwork is finished.
The altar looks perfect on the tiled sanctuary.
This is a close-up of the tile edging on the sanctuary.
  February 4, 2006
Looking at the kitchen from the dinning hall.

Looking at the dinning hall from the kitchen.

The long view of the main entrance.
A close-up of the wood doorframes in the main entrance.

Some of the new lights in the church.

Father Ray behind the main office desk.
  February 2, 2006






Things are getting cleaned up.

Now you can see the drive up to the front door without snow.

Check out the extra parking lot. It has been cleaned up too.