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The Sacrament of Marriage

St. Ann Catholic Community rejoices with you on your engagement. Please read the following guidelines carefully.

The couple is to be congratulated for desiring to enter into a sacramental marriage.  The difference between a sacramental, religious union and a “modern marriage” is regretfully, growing larger.  In some respects, the difference is near "night and day".  The nine months or more of preparation time allows for well-known instruments of preparation to be utilized and church teachings to be shared on the nature of the sacrament.  This entry is designed only to offer some basic information to be followed up with sessions with the pastor and other resources offered in the Diocese.

 A few particulars:

  • Once engaged, the pastor should be contacted BEFORE a wedding date is set.  The date can become rather assured after one meeting with the pastor.
  • Resident parishioners of St. Ann (at least one) are the principal focus for marriage preparation and weddings at St. Ann.  Non-parishioners are encouraged to be married where residence exists and preparation occurs.  The universal church has directives that encourage this for good reason.
  • The church has two rituals for weddings.  One ritual is within the Eucharist for a couple who are both Roman Catholic.  The other shorter ritual, the Liturgy of the Word, is used where one of the couple is not of the Catholic faith (respects diversity of the couple, the unity celebrated by the Eucharist).
  • Aspects of planning related to music, number of attendants permitted, and other ceremonial features will be attended to as preparation progresses.  THE COUPLE IS OWED AND SHOULD REMAIN A PRIMARY FOCUS OF ATTENTION ON THE MARRIAGE, NOT THE CEREMONY.
  • Outside weddings are not permitted in the Diocese of Gaylord, nor are they a common practice anywhere within Catholicism.  The church building has a great deal of meaningful symbolism as a place of faith within the experiencing of sacrament.
  • The weekly celebration of the Eucharist and living within Christ's gospel message are key aspects to the marriage preparation program.

"My dear friends, you have come together in this church so that the Lord may seal and strengthen your love in the presence of the Church's minister and this community.  In this way you will be strengthened to keep mutual and lasting faith with each other and to carry out the other duties of marriage."  (Ritual of Marriage)

Please contact the church for the complete
Wedding Planning Guide.