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Ministers' Schedules (see below)   


The Church of St. Ann's is dedicated to the belief that it takes participation from its members for the liturgy to be presented. All members of the community are encouraged to become active in any of our ministry programs. Contact us if you would like to be involved as a:

  • Sacristan

  • Lector

  • Extra-Ordinary Minister of Holy Communion

  • Altar Server



"There are many gifts but they have the same Spirit. There are a variety of ministries but are of the same Lord. This quote from Paul's first letter to the Christian community of Corinth seems to describe our variety of very gifted ministers and ministries of music.


Director of Music Ministries


Parish Office 231.352.4421


The Contemporary Choir ministers at our weekend masses and special parish celebrations. Rehearsal is on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM The group is comprised of singers and several musicians of all ages. Participation in the choir does not demand that you be there each and every week. Also, feel free to choose the mass you wish to minister at. The members of the Choir are an open and welcoming group. Not only do they enjoy singing and praying together, they enjoy great fellowship, good jokes and a lot of laughter! All are welcome to join.


Ministers' Schedule
December 2018 with
Holy Days

  Vigil BVM Imm. Conc.  
5 p.m. 12/01/18 10 a.m. 12/02/18 5 p.m.12/07/18  
Lector: Lector: Lector:  
Marty Pavlak Sr. Ann Porter Ann Henning  
Charlotte Wiard Richard MacRAE III Marty Bailey  
Sacristan: Sacristan: Sacristan:  
Karen Rorick Les Gilbert Charlotte Wiard  
Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com  
Deb McGraw Kaye Wright Karen Rorick  
Larry Sevegney Mary Roeters Don Rorick  
John Hafner Ridge Cicchelli Altar Servers:  
Judy Scheich Linda Cicchelli Rocco & Savina  
Marty Bailey Janet Crawford    
Altar Servers: Altar Servers:    
Shay & Kole The MacRAE Sisters    
BVM Imm. Conc.      
10 a.m. 12/08/18 5 p.m. 12/08/18 10 a.m. 12/09/18  
Lector: Lector: Lector:  
Sr. Ann Porter Mike Brougham Donna Chalmers  
Donna Chalmers Steve Laske Jay Peregrine  
Sacristan: Sacristan: Sacristan:  
Kris Smeltzer Charlotte Wiard Janet Crawford  
Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com  
Bridget MacRAE Bill Henning Elizabeth Barientos  
Madeline MacRAE Ann Henning Madeline MacRAE  
Altar Servers: Patty Brougham Mitch Kennis  
The MacRAE Sisters Les Gilbert Pat Holmes  
Marty Pavlak MaryAnn Hendricks  
Altar Servers: Altar Servers:  
Rocco & Kole The Pallin Sisters  
5 p.m. 12/15/18 10 a.m. 12/16/18 5 p.m. 12/22/18 10 a.m. 12/23/18
Lector: Lector: Lector: Lector:
Jay Peregrine Jerry Heiman Les Gilbert RJ Kennis
Deb McGraw Don Smeltzer Kris Smeltzer Bill Kennis
Sacristan: Sacristan: Sacristan: Sacristan:
Ann Henning Elizabeth Barientos Karen Rorick Janet Crawford
Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com
Don Rorick Kaye Wright Don Rorick Mitch Kennis
Karen Rorick Ridge Cicchelli Karen Rorick Mary Roeters
Marty Bailey Linda Cicchelli Ann Henning Sr. Ann Porter
Charlotte Wiard Bridget MacRAE Bill Henning Vivien Miller
Les Gilbert Madeline MacRAE John Hafner Elizabeth Barientos
Altar Servers: Altar Servers: Altar Servers: Altar Servers:
Savina & Shay Rory & Darby Rocco & Savina The MacRAE Sisters
Christmas Eve * Christmas Day **    
7 p.m. 12/24/18 10 a.m. 12/25/18 5 p.m. 12/29/18 10 a.m. 12/30/18
Lector: Lector: Lector: Lector:
Steve Laske Patricia Blackmer Les Gilbert Pat Holmes
Charlotte Wiard Mike Brougham Marty Pavlak Richard MacRAE III
Sacristan: Sacristan: Sacristan: Sacristan:
Les Gilbert Elizabeth Barientos Karen Rorick Janet Crawford
Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com
Marty Bailey Ann Henning Deb McGraw Bill Kennis
Marty Pavlak Bill Henning Judy Scheich Mitch Kennis
John Hafner Karen Rorick Steve Laske Linda Cicchelli
Larry Sevegney Don Rorick Larry Sevegney Ridge Cicchelli
Sr. Ann Porter Patty Brougham Don Rorick Kaye Wright
Altar Servers: Altar Servers: Altar Servers: Altar Servers:
The Anhalts The MacRAE Sisters Kole & Shay The Pallin Sisters
*  Readings for 12/24 are for Midnight
** Readings for 12/25 are for Day    
Vigil BVM New Year BVM New Years Day    
5 p.m. 12/31/18 10 a.m. 01/01/19    
Lector: Lector:    
Marty Pavlak Steve Laske    
Don Smeltzer Patricia Blackmer    
Sacristan: Sacristan:    
Ann Henning Kris Smeltzer    
Exo Min Holy Com Exo Min Holy Com    
Larry Sevegney Elizabeth Barientos    
Jay Peregrine Sr. Ann Porter    
Altar Servers: Altar Servers:    
Youth or Bill Henning Youth/ M. Brougham    



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